Business Strategy

Drawpixel Interactive Strategic Consulting Services are focused on aligning our clients' business model with the most appropriate technologies. The objective is to achieve significant improvements in our clients' business processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved ROI on their investments in systems and internal resources.

In order to achieve the changes that will fuel your future growth, it requires planning and management of the changes that will take place in your processes, resources and systems. PACE consultants can help define your new business model, refine your processes and re-deploy resources to help improve bottom line results. Our consultants have the industry knowledge and technical background to act as catalysts for change, lending insight, organizational skills and hands-on project experience to help drive a solution through to final implementation.

Drawpixel offers the following services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Software Selection
  • Process Redesign
  • Technology Planning
  • Change Management
  • Performance Metrics

Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise

Drawpixel has combined consulting, design and technical expertise to provide the maximum benefit to its clients. The firm has extremely broad in-house capabilities, with specializations in website developement, Content Management..etc


The Drawpixel Interactive’s greatest strengths is its dependable, flexible, and thorough dedication to the development processes. Since inception we’ve been working on complex web/media projects, and we’ve learned a great deal in that time about what works, what doesn’t, and which approach is appropriate for a given set of circumstances.


  • Scope review to assess aspects of process that will be most important.
  • Thoughtful, seasoned project management.
  • Detailed, reusable documentation.
  • Collaborative and project management tools.